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Search Engine Submission

It is not enough to build a site and optimize it, you have to tell the Search Engines that you have a site and please come and spider it and add it to your database.

Our Search Engine Submission package automatically submits your Web Site, as is, to over 300,000 search engines including all of the majors. Where multiple search engine submissions are performed our intelligent Search Engine Submission software will ensure that your site is submitted within the rules of each of the search engines to ensure you are not spamming.

We will deal with all resulting emails from the search engine submissions and confirm any that require confirmation. It is advisable to submit your site on a regular basis to ensure that the spiders come out and view your site more frequently. Many will automatically spider, but some of the others require, that you request it.

It is advisable to perform search engine submission in association with Search Engine Optimization this then ensures that your keywords are being targeted and your site optimized for them, thus ensuring the Search Engine Submission has good data.

Our service will provide you with a report for each submission showing the status for each of the search engines. This will be emailed to you after each submission.

We will also perform a manual submission to the major search engines if you require it, this has the added comfort of knowing that the submission was performed and did happen and should not be discarded by the engines.

Major Search Engines (Free Inclusion)

These are a list of the major engines we will hand submit to, we can also discuss with you the paid inclusions that may help your site promotion even more.

Alta Vista (Now Driven by Yahoo)
Open Directory

Search Engine Submission Packages
1 Off Automated Submission
4 x Quarterly Automated Submissions
12 x Monthly Automated Submissions
1 Off Manual submission to the Major Search Engines ***

All prices are in dollars and are paid up front before any promotion begins.